Hungarian-English engineering translation: I have a rather extensive experience in translating in many fields of engineering: mainly mechanical engineering, aviation, civil enginering, company management, quality assurance.


Angol-Magyar műszaki fordítás: Nagy gyakorlatom van műszaki dokumentációk fordításában főleg a következő területeken: gépészet, repülés, mélyépítés, vállalati ügyek, minőségbiztosítás.



Ephiphany = Vízkereszt (január 6), epifánia, vm mibenlétének / értelmének hirtelen megnyilatkozása/felismerése ---- There's only one category of electron. It is pure. The electron has no impurities. This is an epiphany for me. (Donald Sadoway)

Genius is one per cent inspiration, ninety-nine per cent perspiration. Edison.

Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future. Niels Bohr

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. John F. Kennedy

Never raise your hands to your kids. It leaves your groin unprotected (George Carlin).

Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity (George Carlin).

Take picture: An art thief is a man who takes pictures (George Carlin).

Hitch22: a book by Chrystopher Hitchens (Compare Catch 22).

Missionary Position: Man-on-top sex position. Also: "The Missionary Position", a book by Chrystopher Hitchens about Mother Tereza. 

Evian water: Ever wonder about those people who spend $2 apiece on those little bottles of Evian water? Try spelling Evian backward. (George Carlin)

Sentence: "I am" is reportedly the shortest sentence in the English language. Could it be that "I do" is the longest sentence. (George Carlin)

Practice: “Isn’t it a bit unnerving that doctors call what they do “practice”?” (George Carlin)

Cocksucker = a bad man or a good women (George Carlin)

GARAGE -> GARBAGE: The difference is only a B (Benny Hill gag)

THERAPIST -> THE RAPIST: The difference is only a space (Benny Hill Gag)

Piem: There are many ways to memorize π, including the use of piems (a portmanteau, formed by combining pi and poem), which are poems that represent π in a way such that the length of each word (in letters) represents a digit. Here is an example of a piem: How I need a drink, alcoholic of course [or, in nature] after the heavy lectures involving quantum mechanics. Notice how the first word has 3 letters, the second word has 1, the third has 4, the fourth has 1, the fifth has 5, and so on. (Wijipedia)

Planets in the Solar system: My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas:- Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, (Pluto) ---------------- # A Mercury higanyt is jelent, az Earth = föld, (a 3 usz végződési bolygó: Szaturnusz, Uránusz, Neptunusz, érdekes, hogy az angolban csak egy "us" végződésű van).

Non-stop flight: I insist that my flight stops. Preferably at an airport. (George Carlin) -------------------

prime (adj.) Look up prime at
late 14c., from L. primus "first," from pre-Italic *prismos, superl. of Old L. pri "before," from PIE base *per- "beyond," *pro- "before" (see pre-). To prime a pump (c.1840) meant to pour water down the tube, which saturated the sucking mechanism and made it draw up water more readily. Arithmetical sense (prime number) is from 1560s; prime meridian is from 1878. Priming "first coat of paint" is from c.1600. Prime time originally (c.1500) meant "spring time;" broadcasting sense of "peak tuning-in period" is attested from 1964. (Ethymology Dictionary)

Golden Section = aranymetszés (geometriai fogalom). Elmetszeni egy szakaszt ugy, hogy a kisebb darab 1, a nagyobbik darab x hosszú, és (1+x)/x = x/1. Kérem az egynletet megoldani, és jelenteni az eredményt. (Solve the equation, and report the result to me.)

 Prenup = pre-nuptinal: házassági szerződés



SMIRT – a combination of

smoke and flirt





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